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Platinum Elite Services is a professional and specialist company for creating great Indoor and Outdoor spaces. We have vast experience in making amazing projects become reality and be flawless from start to finish. Delivering every project on time and most importantly within your budget. Choose us to have a refreshing experience in your house.
Our company have a firm belief in delivering the best work and quality service to our customers. We are fully determined that we will transform your old living style to a new one by designing any space for your needs.

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People spend a lot on the renovation of their houses, maybe you have all the elements there, but you just need a helping hand to bring your dream to reality. It could be renovations in the kitchen or bathroom, or it might be overhauling of decking or even a bricked up border. No matter what type of work is required, our company is available to help you in the right direction.
Our company has been working for many years and we have done great work in terms of team building to make sure we deliver the best work. We know how to complete work efficiently, we keep simple work simple which doesn’t turn it into a costly project. We are a specialist renovation company that provides indoor and outdoor renovation services within your budget and requirements.


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Platinum Elite Services proudly offers landscaping and decking services. Our approach is very unique and will incorporate the theme of your house.

Laying out and installing patios is a fantastic way to enhance the look of every homeowners garden. However, the entire task can get messy, frustrating and daunting

In every home, you always want to make sure that your kitchen and bathrooms look absolutely magnificent and presentable. Unfortunately, installing kitchens and bathrooms

CCTV cameras are the need of the day. Feeling secure in your own home and work place is absolutely essential. Installing CCTV cameras is one of the best ways to make

If you want to get a true and colourful living experience, then modify your old house into a glowing and gleaming place by hiring professional Painters and Decorators.

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