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House Roof Tile Cleaning

It is extraordinarily easy for rooftops to become very dirty in a very short amount of time! That is why every home and business owner must invest into giving their rooftops a thorough and intense clean. Unfortunately, rooftop cleaning can be quite dangerous and rather difficult to do.

On the other hand, our team at Platinum Elite Services will get the entire job done for you in no time, for an easily affordable price. Our team is experienced and trained to ensure that your rooftop is thoroughly cleaned to leave it looking in a fantastic condition. 

Roof tiles are prone to lichens and algae if not cleaned properly and regularly. These mosses look messy and may cause damage over time, so regular cleaning of roof tiles can ensure a new look to your roof.

Platinum Elite Services is fully aware of the importance of a clean roof so we do a comprehensive check before starting the cleaning procedure. We carry out the work with proper tools and techniques, making sure that your tiles are safe from damage. If broken tiles exist on your roof we can check and replace them at the same time. We use power washing and soft washing techniques to remove algae and moss and to clean the gutter system. Once the roof tile cleaning is completed, the rainwater will safely go down through the guttering. Hire us and get your roof tiles entirely cleaned.

Tile Roof Cleaning

Why Roof Cleaning?

There is a great importance to roof cleaning, if your roof tiles are cleaned properly it will improve the overall structural stability. Roof washing will reduce the damage to the roof and most importantly your roof will look beautiful. If your roof is cleaned properly it means you will face fewer leakage issues. Roof cleaning is tricky work that should be performed with expert hands.

Why Choose Us?

Fantastic Finish: With our ultra high pressure washer we will get your roof looking amazing, giving your house better look and feel to it.

Text Alerts: The evening before the clean we text you so you know we’re coming. Letting you know we are coming enables you to get the gate unlocked and move anything blocking our ability to clean your roof.

ECO Friendly Cleaning: The majority of surface cleaning is done with only high pressure water. In certain case chemicals will be needed we only use chemicals that are sustainable.

Insured Service: We offer Public Insurance Liability and Employers Liability, in addition our team has many years of experience

Tailored Pricing: We don’t have standard pricing to save you money. We tailor our prices to the size of your roof. Therefore you don’t pay over the odds for your roof clean.

Conservatory Cleaning

Step 1. Make an Enquiry

You can make an enquiry via text or talk to one of our friendly customer assistants. They will talk you through the process of the clean, and how to make payment. We will ask for your name, address, and mobile phone number.

Step 2. Get your Quote

Once we have your information we will come round and quote in person. We’ll tell you what will happen during the clean and how it is preformed. The member of the team can also go through the payment options with yourself.

Step 3. The Night Before

The evening before your clean you will receive a text from us confirming that we’ll be round to clean the following day. After that the van will be prepped with all the necessary supplies and equipment.

Step 4. Arriving at your Property

The van arrives with the tank of water as well as the pressure washer. We’ll also have any chemicals that are needed for you property. The cleaner will set up all the equipment needed such as unreeling the holes and connecting up to your outside tap.

Step 5. The Clean

The cleaner will first start at the point he has determined will be the best. If chemicals are needed they will first do a light rises then apply the chemicals on the roof surface. Once these have taken affect we will then pressure wash your outside surface removing all dirt, marks and stubborn stains.

Step 6. Optional Extras

We offer a few optional extras. Why not add a conservatory or even regular window clean. You could also get your solar panels cleaned if you have them installed.

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