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Fascia, Soffits and Gutter Cleaning

If you are not giving attention to the fascia and soffit, it will get dull and dirty. Also, over time it will start to show damage, so cleaning is the solution that can get its original condition back. We at Platinum Elite Services have specially designed this service for the people who are looking for someone professional to restore their facia and soffits. We help to clean and to avoid them from permanent damage. 

Our Services are:

Facia, Soffit, and Gutter Cleaning

Maintenance of the gutter system

Conservatory Cleaning 1
Cleaning 2

The Facts

If your UPVC is dirty, facia, soffits and gutters are not cleaned properly, it will badly affect the look of your house and the resale value of your property will also decrease. If you want to enhance the value of your property, then simply get them cleaned to freshen them up. Clean UPVC and clean guttering will make the exterior look great. 

Our Techniques

The most advanced cleaning techniques and tools are being used by our cleaning teams.  As with your windows, cleaning is done with purified water via a water-fed pole system along side in house eco friendly chemicals, which allows for a fantastic finish. The first phase of the clean is a full wash with just the purified water. In the second stage we apply the chemical on you Fascia & Soffits and rub with our brush to agitate the grime and dirt particles. When then rinse off any chemicals still lingering on the UPVC. The final stage is repeating the first with a full clean of the Fascia & Soffits with only the purified water.

Why Choose Us?

Fantastic Finish: With a mixture of our purified water and brilliant eco friendly chemicals you receive an. Amazing clean. Making your Fascia, Soffits, and Gutters look brand new.

Text Alerts: The evening before the clean we text you so you know we’re coming. Letting you know we are coming enables you to get the gate unlocked and move anything blocking our ability to clean your home.

ECO Friendly Cleaning: The only chemicals we use are extremely eco friendly so it does NO harm to the environment.

Insured Service: We offer Public Insurance Liability and Employers Liability, in addition our team has many years of experience

Tailored Pricing: We don’t have standard pricing to save you money. We tailor our prices to the amount of Fascia, Soffits, and Guttering you have. Therefore you don’t pay over the odds for your exterior clean.

Conservatory Cleaning

Step 1. Make an Enquiry
You can make an enquiry via text or talk to one of our friendly customer assistants. They will talk you through the process of the clean, and how to make payment. We will ask for your name, address, and mobile phone number.

Step 2. Get your Quote
Once we have your information we will come round and quote in person. We’ll tell you what will happen during the clean and how it is preformed. The member of the team can also go through the payment options with yourself.

Step 3. The Night Before
The evening before your clean you will receive a text from us confirming that we’ll be round to clean the following day. After that, the van will get stock with the chemicals and equipment needed whilst getting filled up with purified water. Normal tap water gets processed through our reverse osmosis system which is comprised of multiple filters.

Step 4. Arriving at your Property
The van arrives with the with all the supplies and the tank of purified water as well as water fed poles. The cleaner will prepare all the equipment needed for your clean. Our equipment is extremely effective and safe, we use water-fed poles that allow us to reach high Fascia/Soffits and Gutters. These will extend to the fifth floor. This is a much safer way of cleaning and it also doesn’t compromise your privacy.

Step 5. The Clean
The cleaner will extend the pole up to the highest point first and work down from there. The Deionised water is pumped through the special brush attachment to the top of the extended pole and sprayed over the dirty UPVC. Then they’ll apply the chemicals on all surfaces. When applied we’ll scrub the areas with the brush to agitate the dirt, marks and stubborn stains. Then purified water is sprayed on the UPVC to wash away the dirt. The process also helps create a protective coating on the surface, which keeps your Fascia/Soffits and Gutters clean for longer.

Step 6. Optional Extras
We offer a few optional extras. Why not add a conservatory or even regular window clean. You could also get your solar panels cleaned if you have them installed.

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