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Patio, Driveway & Decking Cleaning

Platinum Elite Services has the most efficient and high performance system for Patio, Driveway and Decking Cleaning. Our experts use high pressure machines to clean the surface, proficiently removing every sort of moss, algae, grime, weeds and lichen. Remember, if you are not giving proper attention to your patio or driveway it will steadily get worse over time. This area will not only appear dirty, but it will become slippery too, it can be damaging for you and your family.

We start the procedure with an assessment, then use pressure washing for deep cleaning and treat the area to remove oil stains as well. The beauty is restored, and the joints of your block paving will look as good as new. We clean block paving, tarmac, patio slabs, wooden decking, tennis courts, garden walls and printed concrete.

Our remarkable and high-quality cleaning services will meet your expectations, hire us and get it done more professionally!

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Why Choose Us?

Fantastic Finish: With our ultra high pressure washer we will get your outdoor space looking amazing, giving your garden or drive a much better feel to them.

Text Alerts: The evening before the clean we text you so you know we’re coming. Letting you know we are coming enables you to get the gate unlocked and move anything blocking our ability to clean your Patio or Driveway

ECO Friendly Cleaning: The majority of surface cleaning is done with only high pressure water. In certain case chemicals will be needed we only use chemicals that are sustainable.

Insured Service: We offer Public Insurance Liability and Employers Liability, in addition our team has many years of experience

Tailored Pricing: We don’t have standard pricing to save you money. We tailor our prices to the size of Patio or Driveway you have. Therefore you don’t pay over the odds for your surface clean.

Step 1. Make an Enquiry

You can make an enquiry via text or talk to one of our friendly customer assistants. They will talk you through the process of the clean, and how to make payment. We will ask for your name, address, and mobile phone number.

Step 2. Get your Quote

Once we have your information we will come round and quote in person. We’ll tell you what will happen during the clean and how it is preformed. The member of the team can also go through the payment options with yourself.

Step 3. The Night Before

The evening before your clean you will receive a text from us confirming that we’ll be round to clean the following day. After that the van will be prepped with all the necessary supplies and equipment

Step 4. Arriving at your Property

The van arrives with the tank of water as well as the pressure washer. We’ll also have any chemicals that are needed for you property. The cleaner will set up all the equipment needed such as unreeling the holes and connecting up to your outside tap.

Step 5. The Clean

The cleaner will first start at the point he has determined will be the best. If chemicals are needed they will first do a light rises then apply the chemicals on the surfaces. Once these have taken affect we will then pressure wash your outside surface removing all dirt, marks and stubborn stains.

Step 6. Optional Extras

We offer a few optional extras. Why not add a conservatory or even regular window clean. You could also get your solar panels cleaned if you have them installed.

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